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Premium Lightroom Presets for Images Captured with Leica Cameras

Made Specifically for Images Captured with Leica Cameras

Each Lightroom Preset pack is unique to ensure that your photographs have the best that Leica image sensors offer with the highest quality rendition of your artistic vision.

Our Presets are designed to work with just one click.

single click!

Professional or Basic, we got you covered.

Infuse your photos with dark and moody colors, warm skin tones, and rich earthy hues that will help you define your style and save you time by creating a consistent look across your photos and social media in a single click!

Professional Film Effects Pack

These expertly crafted presets are perfect for bringing out the superb details and rich colors of images captured with Leica cameras. Created for anyone who wants to add a unique touch to their photos and give that iconic photographic quality.

It is super easy to use and will transform your photos with clean and vibrant colors, creamy skin, and organic tones you will absolutely LOVE and will save you time when editing your photos. Even if you are new to Adobe Lightroom within minutes you can achieve professional quality photos that perfectly edited to enhance the unique qualities of images captured with Leica cameras.

Simple as a click! 

Many Options to Choose

From classic black and white photography filters to analog film emulators, these Adobe Lightroom presets will help you save hours of editing time on your computer.

Social Media Enhanced

If you post your photos on Facebook, Social Media, Online, these presets are a huge timesaver  allowing you to tailor specific looks for your photos and apply that look for online posting.

Portrait Packs

Portrait Presets are designed to enhance skin tones and help you select the right customized setting to help your photos stand out.

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